A Letter to Steven Moffat

Some years ago I was fortunate to meet work-at-home dad, Author and
Dr Who freak, George Ivanoff. The meeting was at a small Dr Who
convention (surprise surprise): “Look Who’s Talking”. George was
friendly, knowledgeable and I have to admit it, pretty darned cute.
Since then, I have been an avid stalker, I mean, admirer of George 🙂
and a fan of his work. To date I have only read The Gamers series, but George is a prolific writer and his books are often included in the premier’s reading challenge.

there is more to George than his prolific writing and good looks 😀 lol
He’s a HUUUUUGE fan of DR Who and extremely funny. I urge you all to
check out his video “A Letter to Steven Moffat”…. I almost wet myself with laughter and would have loved to have been there to hear him deliver this in person.

I think we should start a campaign, in all seriousness. George HAS to write at least one episode of Dr Who, and I think a brief appearance in an ep is not to much to ask. So I urge you all to start tweeting, emailing, and phoning “The Moff” and point his attention towards the video. It’s not too much to ask. After all George is a talented writer and fan of this pretty good show 😉 and there has already been a precedence set 😀

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